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What Will Be Your New Year’s Resolutions for 2019? Here’s Mine!

new year resolutions 2019 nidhi pandey blogger travel lifestyle websites

Many of us expect to start the New Year with whole lots of energy, excitement, and content but what we actually do? We end up with doing very few of them or we just lie down on the couch figuring out about the goals but don’t think to execute them! Isn’t it true? Ask yourself.


Don’t worry, now pull up your socks this time and fill your resolution list with easy and good-for-you goals and get started! By applying these thoughts at least thrice a week, you’ll ultimately get stick to your resolutions by the end of the month! Try out these once! It’ll really work.

So, I’m bringing out my new year resolutions to make 2019 the best year yet and you can also follow these!
  1. If you have a plan to buy a camera, traveling or anything you have dreamt of, start saving and put Rs. 3000 (or above) of every paycheck into your savings account.

2. Jot down every content idea related to your fields and make a deadline for it to make yourself time and work punctual.


3. Start surfing Skillshare, Udemy, YouTube to grow your knowledge base. Skillshare has a series of tremendous ideas from photography to marketing!


4. If you’re into fashion designing, writing, marketing, or any other creative field, start building your personal brand by using WordPress (websites/portfolios), Instagram (creative profiles), LinkedIn (professional profiles), Facebook (professional pages) to showcase your work you have done so far and captivate people to get inspired and brand to contact you. The idea behind this is to begin somewhere, express yourself, get creative and share what you bring to the table.


5. If you’re lazy like me start doing exercises at home that don’t require equipment. You can download an app like that includes some free exercise and yoga classes which you can practice at home. After exercising, you’ll feel light, stress-free and calmer. You can also order your breakfast, lunch and dinner meals through this app. It’s amazing!


6. Stop hitting the snooze button and get your back off the bed as early as possible.


7. Don’t take a headache about what other people will think related to your work, body type, anything, and start doing things for yourself. It’ll boost your confidence level.


8. Drink more H20 means 2 liters of water every day to avoid dehydration and make skin glow all day long. There is a scientific fact that if you drink more water, your body tends to get more energy which will boost the metabolism, concentration power and relieve headaches.


9. Letting go is in the trend! So start formulating a way to move on from your past pain! Because when you let go something, you open your other doors for God to work! Instead of worrying about the pain, bring out more positivity inside you, people will respond well to your positivity.


10. Learn other languages and build your communications with Duolingo. It’s free!


11. Start using Google Translator to diminish communication gap and Grammarly to improve English.


12. Write down your goals and deadlines to meet those! It’ll bring out more productivity and self-confidence.


13. Sign-up on Quora and ask questions to get answered to your doubts easily.


14. Try not to order fruits/veggies online. Go and buy at their stores for quality and quantity check.


15. Surf Pinterest to get compilation of ideas from home décor to clothing to creatives related to your work.


16. Multitasking is a big No No! Because it doesn’t make you more efficient, but it does stress you out often. So, do one thing at a time.


17. Declutter things which you don’t really need like clothes, showpiece or anything to make more space in the room. You’ll find numerous online sites where you can sell your clothes.


18. Organize your wardrobe to feel good and productive for the day.


19. According to research, it is found that people who vacation at least twice a year have a lower heart attack risk than those who do so rarely. So start planning an upcoming trip to boost happiness for weeks.


20. If you’re gymming then try to put your workout gear in a place before a day so when you wake up the next day, you won’t waste your time in searching for the workout clothes.


21. Surround yourself with positive energies means positive people. It’s all okay to get away from those who spread negativities or maybe you get intuition of those energies.


22. Give yourself more compliments every day because positive self-talk can help you focus on what’s good in your life.


23. And lastly, be kind to everyone because when you spread happiness, kindness, and positivities around you, you attract more people to love you!


These are my resolutions for 2019 which you can also follow. What are your resolutions for this year? Let me know in the comments below.

Nidhi Pandey is a travel, fashion and lifestyle blogger. Connect with her on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook to get some sneak-peeks from her day-to-day life and more!
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  1. Nice..i am following you and will follow your suggestion on new year resolution…keep up the good work.Really appreciated.

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