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A Day at the Fashion and Lifestyle Event: The Shimmer

Embracing fashion & healthy lifestyle is not just for daydreaming, make sure to reassure them with full confidence to live your life like never before – Nidhi


Delhi is known for classy fashion where trends, style, luxury all fall in one place. I constantly had a sigh to attend a fashion and lifestyle exhibition and get a voice of their amazing handmade crafts. But i couldn’t see a way to accomplish!


From hectic days of working, I finally decided to give myself a day to attend an exhibition. As I have always been fond of quirky artifacts, handcrafted bags, shawls and jewelry, which have a charm of their own! I mean, as soon as you hear that the carpet you’d be eyeing is traditionally crafted, you just can’t resist them! That’s the thing about handcrafted items.



I went to an event called The Shimmer season 1 which was powered by De fantasia. This event was celebrating ‘handicraft products’- an exhibition with affordable prices that sounds awesome! Since the craze of handmade things, I went to this exhibition held at the Ansal Plaza Mall, Andrews Ganj in South Delhi that was showcased from 20 to 21 Oct.



However, this exhibition is happening from last 3 years, but this year, it organized exclusive handpicked event especially for those who adore wearing brands, who show concern for herbal products and who captivates towards handloom products like me 😛. The exhibition brought out the perfect combination of fashion and lifestyle products with so many varieties and guess what at affordable prices 😍. Yes!! Even I asked a jewelry exhibitioner about the prices of these earrings which he quoted for only Rs 350 bucks on one of the earrings i adored. And that made me weak at the knees!


The Shimmer mainly showcased some absolute new brands including- Retesh Goyal Couture, We Wrap, Arredamento, Sadan Pande, Warm & Inviting Decor, Richie Rich Collection, Nishba Creation, Shyabala Fashion & Lifestyle, House of Blended Dress, Kamakhya by Kingshuk Bhaduri, CRG Jewels, and lot more, that would mesmerize you in every possible way.



I took a look at some of the performing pop-up exhibition stores there and got my hands on a beautiful handmade bag. The bag was exported from Arunachal Pradesh- a pundit city for making elegant traditional and handicraft items. The Shimmer exhibition chief guest was the political and veteran actress Jaya Prada ji. Also, the fashion show has been organized in the evening at this event.


For the connoisseurs, there was a food joint 🍕🥪 and it was just the feast for the eyes! People were having their evening snacks over chit chats. Since I have not had much time to stick around there so, I ended up with filming in the afternoon to explore the best of this ravishing expo. I came to be informed about this event through Facebook and the entry was free! I vlogged while in the event and thought I’d share that with you here as well. This would be my first video on YouTube so be sure to subscribe to my channel for more such travel, fashion and lifestyle related vidoes.

Go watch it and if you have any more questions, leave them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you.

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